Decking Fasteners and Screws: A Quick Guide

There are several choices when it comes to choosing your patio deck. First, you will need to decide if wooden boards or composites are better suited to your outdoor space. It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details—fasteners and screws.

Deck screws and fasteners play an integral part in the construction and overall appearance of your deck. Here, we’re going to discuss everything including which hooks you can use to lock your composite or wooden deck to the best secret deck fasteners.

Forms of screws for the deck

Before your patio is built, you’re going to have to find out how all the parts are going to be coming together. The tried and tested method of construction of the deck was the use of screws. But is that tradition going to continue?

Here are a few common forms of screws for decking:

Composite deck screws

Composite decking is usually built using concealed fasteners that link the deck from the sides or below. However, when you’re using screws for your composite board, look for decking screws that have an auger edge, a reversed thread, an undercut head or a hex head/6-point head. Both of these features build a screw that won’t be stripped or stuck in your deck.

Wood deck screws

Wood deck screws are the best alternative when fastening wooden boards. If you purchase all of your products from a retailer, make sure that they have rust tolerant screws, ideally stainless steel. Know, your deck is most susceptible to the elements, so you need to make sure that you select quality screws that last.

You might even come upon self-drilling screws. Although these types of screws can cut down some prep time, they may well not hold up as tightly as countersunk and pre drilled screws. It’s always better to think of long-term benefits instead of attempting and save a few minutes of construction time.

No-screw decking alternatives

Usually, no-screw decking requires concealed deck clamps. Hidden fasteners are primarily used for composite decking, while wood decking requires the top fastening of the boards with screws.

Selecting a deck that doesn’t require using screws has become more common as it enables you to appreciate the feel and look of your deck without noticeable screws. In contrast to its aesthetic properties, concealed deck fasteners remove the risk of exposed or loose nails and screws that need maintenance to be repaired.

Here are a few of our favorite secret fastener choices for your deck:

AZEK fasteners

AZEK fasteners are a perfect choice for composite or PVC ceilings. These fasteners have a seamless deck top and available in a multitude of styles to minimize installation time and improve the reliability of your deck.

Deck clips

Deck clips fit well on grooved decks. They are made from stainless steel and rest in the space across the 2 boards, allowing them to be fastened together.

While using deck clips, make sure the decks are grooved to suit the connector exactly. If there is a difference between both the size of the clips and the grooves, the boards will not firmly lock.

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