Different Types of Rugs You Need to Know About

If you have just been researching the different types of rugs available before making a purchase then you would already know that there are many different kinds. The material, the texture and the pros and cons of them vary from each type.

Investing in a rug is no easy matter, they are expensive so the least you could do is fine one that maximizes its cost, in terms of use, style and length of use. Therefore, if you ever need some help figuring out which one is the right type of rug for you, here is a list of them to help make your decision a lot simpler.

Wool rugs

Made from sheep wool and best for cold climates, wool rugs are the softest in the world. It is almost like sleeping on a cloud. However due to its extremely high cost, many of the wool rugs made nowadays are synthetic fibres that resemble wool, hence why it is a little more affordable than actual wool.

Wool rugs are woven and knotted in various ways in order to create different patterns and styles. However, it does require frequent vacuuming and cleaning as dust can easily get trapped within the fibres. Due to how it is made it is ideal to use in places of the house that are frequently used such as the living room and bedrooms as they look and feel great.

Cotton rugs

Ideal for every day, casual use cotton rugs are those you would typically use to wipe your feet as you enter the room. They are inexpensive and do not usually last as long as wool or other materials. They do fade over time as well but are a great choice for everyday use as it makes your home look pleasant and colourful.

Jute rugs

Jute is a think material that many rugs are made out of. They can be quite smooth to the touch but use dense fibres so it can be slightly heavier and thicker. Just comes in various patterns and colours as it can be dyed any colour. The tribal rugs on the market are made from jute, as it is rather inexpensive and easy to find. Jute gives off a classy vibe that can be used for everyday use too.

Silk rugs

Just how cool are silk rugs, they look too pretty to have on a floor but they are quite a common material used to make rugs. They provide a luxurious sheen that cannot be found in any other material thus making it an expensive and luxurious item to own.

However, they are difficult to clean and should ideally be placed somewhere where there isn’t much activity. In simple terms silk rugs are usually more for decorative purposes and cannot be used every day.

It is important to first identify your need before purchasing a rug; climate, temperature and use can determine if a rug will be a benefit or an added effort to your life.

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