Ensuring The Security Of Your French Windows & Doors

In most modern homes, French windows and doors have become a benchmark standard to ensuring that you really give off that cosy vibe for everyone who enters. While French windows have been used in homes dating very long ago, it still hasn’t lost its homely touch as it still occupies an extremely important place in almost every house. While it may look beautiful, we need to constantly remind ourselves that it may not be the most ideal form of door or window in terms of providing security and protection. These windows and doors are almost entirely made of glass and thus could be easily broken through. However, there’s nothing to worry about as there are many measures which may be taken to minimize this threat, without having to compromise these windows or doors.


The first step of ensuring your safety is making sure that your French windows are installed in a proper manner. Installation is extremely crucial as French windows differ from your everyday type of window. They are much more fragile and need special attention in installing to ensure maximum stability. By even installing one hinge loosely or incorrectly, you run the risk of the door or window being fragile to slightly strong winds. Also, by facing your hinges inwards, you will be able to prevent any burglar trying to break in, from trying to remove them from the outside for easy access. It is always important to ensure that you get a trained professional to install them as they would be able to do it in the most efficient manner possible.

Glass Area

One of the most vulnerable areas of any window or door would be the glass area as this is from where any burglar would be easily able to access your house. You would be able to do this without compromising on the great view through the glass, by simply reinforcing the glass with lamination. Most french doors are able to withstand any large shocks without completely shattering the glass due to lamination. Lamination would effectively add another strong layer to the glass, to give it extra strength and durability. Another manner in which you may be able to reinforce the glass is by effectively adding a plastic film to the indie areas of the frame.

Locking System

Another way in which you may be able to maintain the security of your house, in terms of a French window is by having a simple lock system. It does not have to be too fancy. Most French windows utilize a three-point locking system to ensure their security. This is not only efficient but it also doesn’t take away the originality of the window and preserves its antique look. It is also effective in terms of security because now Burglars would have to break through three locks if they have any chance of getting into your house!

Therefore in conclusion, owning French windows and doors within your household may be a great way of creating a unique atmosphere. But at the same time, these type of security measures should also be taken to ensure safety.

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