Great Alternatives To Closed Garages

If you aren’t the biggest fan of having your car trapped inside a closed garage, because it is always darker in a closed garage or because your car just needs to sit in a place that can be seen and appreciated by others, then not to worry. There are very many different things that can easily swap out your old closed garage and replace it with a more open and friendly alternative. Closed garages are old school and people are using them less and less.When we think of a garage we imagine a dull and rather dark room with an old car parked in it surrounded by lockers with tools and all sorts of car washing equipment and general gardening equipment like in movies. However, most garages are not exactly like that anymore. People usually opt for alternatives options. One reason is that they can afford more luxurious cars and thus want to make sure that everyone sees them and another reason is the utilization of space. Rather than having a single closed room for the storage of your car, they make the car a part of their home by having it out in the open or at a connected part to their home. Here are some good alternatives:

A Shelter For Your Car

Even though you aren’t a fan of the closed garage, you probably don’t want to get your vehicle dirty or wet. Meaning you still do want to give it some sort of shelter, just not make your car feel all trapped. Carports are an excellent alternative. You can check Adelaide carports prices online, compare them and decide on the perfect style and fit that is most suited for your home. The best thing about carports is that it does the job of providing your vehicle with ample shelter but also doesn’t hide the car away from the world. As an additional bonus, it adds an extra touch of elegance to your home.

Car Covers

Another way to prevent your car from getting damaged by the elements is to always have a car cover handy. Whenever you park your car and want to keep it staying either cold – that is, not getting heated up by the sun – use your car cover and make sure it says nice and protected. There some really cool car covers, some that reflect light and make sure the car isn’t heated up, and some that prevent the car from getting wet. You can choose from all these choices and decide which you want to go with. The best thing about a car cover is that it is portable and easy to carry, so wherever you go you can be assured that the car will remain protected – that is, if you remember to put the cover on.

Telescoping Tents

This is another form of portable cover for your car, except it is much like a tent rather than a simple cover. This is somewhat like a carport in some ways and will provide shelter to your vehicle.

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