How to Improve the Safety of Your Home for An Elderly Member?

Eliminating safety hazards in a home is a must do if you have anybody with a mobility impairment or other kind of handicap living with you. While this can mean some level of expenses you also must invest in this if you do not want their health and safety to be compromised. It is important that all members of the home are enjoying living there and are safe too. Here are some easy methods in which you can ensure that the safety is maintained in the home.

Give Them Support to Walk Around

One of the main things that you could carry out is providing them support to walk around the house. For instance you can install mobility access rails in the home as appropriate so that they have something to hold on to as they walk. This is even useful for somebody who is visually impaired as well. Having these in the home will give them better access to walk around the house and will also ensure that they can be safe while doing so.

Furniture in The Home and Trip Hazards

You should never leave any chairs pulled out of the tables. No exceptions. Advise every member of the house to push back the chairs at the tables or desks after they finish using them and avoid placing any short furniture around that can cause trip hazards. The same goes for power cords and wires that have been strewn on the floor, as elderly members or those visually impaired may not really see them. Now when it comes to choosing furniture try and avoid anything that can have sharp edges. These could be a safety hazard. Going for more ergonomic and round edged furniture is a wise choice.

Non-Skid Surfaces

You should also pay attention to the type of flooring that has been used and whether it is anti-skid or whether it has some level of slip to it. If it is a surface that has really less friction, the people who are already challenged with mobility will be at greater risk and will also find it a lot more challenging to move around comfortably. If you have stairways make sure that they are marked with yellow tape on the edges so that they can clearly be seen and anybody climbing them up or down will not miss the steps. You should also pay attention to the visibility of the house. If there are any areas that are not properly illuminated even during the day time, make sure that they are well lit up so that they can be seen easily.

Rugs and Carpets

If you have any rugs and carpets in the house, make sure that they are taped down well so that they are not moving around. If they do, they could cause falls. You should also replace any worn down carpets and floor coverings as much as possible. You should also make sure that you do not use rugs unless absolutely needed. They can trip up even kids and other members of the family easily.

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