How To Make Your Living Space More Airy

It’s only after you’ve lived in your home for a while that you realize that some rooms tend to be darker than others. They have a rather drab and boring atmosphere and it definitely won’t be one of your more pleasant looking rooms. Having a brighter and airier space is far more beneficial for your productivity and mental state so here are some simple ways you can upgrade those spaces and make them far more lighter.

The Walls

Perhaps when you first moved in you chose a darker shade to paint your walls. By now you probably would have noticed that painting your walls a shade lighter or a neutral color would probably help better the situation drastically. Check out painting Howard for professionals to give your rooms a complete make-over. A shade of white would be the best option, but this also requires a lot of maintenance and probably isn’t the best color to go with if you have kids!

Splashes Of Color

If you want to incorporate bolder and richer colors into your room’s scheme, but at the same time don’t want your room to be dark, you can go with accent pieces. Use things like pillows, side tables, frames etc. to get splashes of bold color into your room. If you want a cheery atmosphere, choose to incorporate brighter colors like yellow or turquoise.


Curtains play a big role in how much light enters your room. The more natural light there is, the more it adds to the atmosphere of being bright and airy so if you have heavy curtains that block out the light, switch them up for sheer curtains.


Needless to say, if your room is cluttered and chaotic, you definitely won’t get that airy space despite any changes you make to your walls or curtains. Make sure to stay organized- anything that doesn’t really add value to the room should be stored away. Keep your décor minimal to have a maximum impact through simplicity. These days such minimalism is very much sought after. For example, just put out a small set of figurines, potted plants, a candle etc.


Laminate floors tend to make a room look far more spacious but we understand that you can’t just up and change your flooring as and when you wish so instead invest in lighter carpets. Use lighter shades of the color you’ve used for your walls or something that is complimentary to make the space seem more harmonious.


One of the main sources of clutter in a room is the furniture itself. Especially for homeowners that switch homes and bring their furniture along, the sets no longer fit the new rooms. If you’re investing in new furniture, definitely make sure to get the right measurements so it doesn’t obstruct. Also go for materials like wicker, rattan or light colored wood. This significantly adds more brightness.

These are the best ways for you to successfully make your living space more airy!

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