How to Promote Your New Brand Logo?

The logo of your brand is the visual representation of your business. It is what present your business in public and most of the time your business is recognised by it. This is why promoting the logo is an important part in promoting your business. So, for those of you who are looking for innovative ways to do that, here are some unique ideas.


Blogs might not always be the most popular media platform online but when you handle it right, they can get a good message across. Wiring a blog post about your company logo is a great way to explain the creative and thought process that went behind in creating it. It will also help your customers to see your business in a new light or understand it better. Although a blog article does not sound like everyone’s fun idea of advertising, it is great way to define your business and tell your customers about the hearts and passions of the business.


Merch or merchandising is one of the most popular methods of promoting a company loo. No matter how many people try it, it never goes out of style and there are always novel ways to incorporate your logo into new merch. You can choose any form you like too. From pens, caps, t-shirts and bookmarks to new things like stickers, pins and buttons, totes you have a multitude of choices to choose. It is also a good way of building a good customer base. Most of these are inexpensive to produce and only require a small budget.


This is a new trend in social media branding that most influencers are now using. When it comes to logo promotion on social media, all you have to do is giveaway items with your brand or logo on it. This can be merch or any other product that is sold by your business.

Not only does this help to promote your brand but it is a great way to show your online presence and interact with your customers. Try to use the social media platforms that are most famous with your customer base. Most giveaways happen via Instagram but you can use other platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote and announce the giveaway.

Logo Mats

There is no good impression for a business than a welcoming door mat at the entrance to your company building. A logo mat is a customised door mat that contains your brand logo. You can use these to give a warm welcome to your customers but it has other benefits too. Your customers will be constantly seeing your logo when they enter the company building. Also logo floor mats are cheaper and more affordable than most of the other physical promotions such as posters or billboards.

Think carefully and choose what will be the best method for you. Depending on the nature of your business, you can either use one or some of these methods or use all of these methods.

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