How to Spruce Up Your Workplace with 4 Modern Ideas

Employers most often want to spruce up their workplace to make it seem more attractive to employees. But this isn’t the only benefit it offers. By upping your workplace game, this could seriously boost employee productivity and their mood, and this has been proven multiple times. It’s important to not just have a place that looks good, but one that makes employees feel happy and satisfied if you mean to retain them. So since modernizing your company might be the best decision you ever make, here are some ideas to get you started:


If you’re in the beginning stages of designing a corporate building for your company, then you’ll want to extensively consider the type of flooring you use. Ideally you want something durable but affordable. Polished concrete floors Brisbane are a great way to go and you’ll be able to choose between three levels of exposure- cream, salt & pepper and full stone. Usually grinding and sealing is used as a finish in corporate buildings and is a much recommended choice. Even if you do have your flooring setup already, you might want to take a look at how it has aged throughout the years because even worn down, chipped floors can take its toll on the building’s overall appearance.

Colour Schemes

A great way to freshen up the place is to give the walls a makeover. A modern colour scheme usually consists of a neutral base followed by little pops of colour throughout the workplace. So, ideally, you’d be looking at making your base colour a grey, tan, soft green etc. and follow up with splashes of yellow, deep blue or red etc. for your accent pieces. By making your base a neutral colour, not only are you following a modern scheme, you’re giving yourself a rather flexible backdrop to work with should you decide on changing up your décor in the future.

Accent Pieces

Nowadays, media companies have been making use of more fun accent pieces to truly unlock the creativity of their employees. Obviously changing up all your furniture might not exactly lie within the budget but what you can do is be on the lookout for funky accent pieces in the form of coffee tables, book racks, the occasional arm chair etc. Go all out with these pieces and make them look as funky as possible if you want to truly get that modern edge to your building! Remember, the more eccentric it is, the better. Definitely make it a point to invest in some eye-catching abstract pieces of art to hang on your walls. These are centrepieces for modern living and working.

Open-Faced Lighting

More and more people are investing in bulbs that aren’t encased by glass, otherwise known as open-faced lighting. This usually means that light is spread out over a much larger area, making this a far more efficient choice. However, since there are people working for you that might be prone to migraines or sensitive to light, you’ll want to compromise on the matter by going for soft white light bulbs/daylight bulbs rather than those bright white lights.

With these simple changes to your workplace, you’ll have it looking a modern catch for your employees in no time.

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