Process of Building a Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook advertising is essential for today’s businesses. There are so many people using this social media platform and this allows them to engage with the target audience in a more personalised way. But you will need to select the right Facebook advertising agency to help you with this.

The key to successful advertising is having a clear idea about your business objectives.

By having a good idea of what you want to achieve with the advertising campaign, you can target your strategy more effectively. This will also help you measure the effectiveness of the campaign more accurately. When you work with a Facebook marketing agency Brisbane, they will research your target audience to get an idea of their demographic, location, interests, behaviours, age, gender etc. By having a good idea of who you are targeting the advertising to, you will be able to better refine the campaign. Once you make sure the Facebook ad is targeted, it will be relevant to those who want to engage with your business. The marketing agency will also gather data from many sources such as customer databases, website analytics and information gained from previous ad campaigns. This allows them to gather curated data that can help them come up with a clear picture of what your existingcustomer base is and their details such as what they like and why they purchase your products or obtain your services.

With the crated data from target audience,

You can create Lookalike Audiences on Facebook which are groups of users who have similarities to yourexisting customers. They will have similar buying patterns and interests. And Facebook will help you identify these users so that you can targetpotential customers who may have an interest in your business. This is a reasonable assumption as they already have similar interests compared to your existing customers. Another aspect of a Facebook advertising strategy is audience research. Much of the work gearing up to developing a strategy includes research and here you can collect data to understand the online behaviour of your audience, their pain points and preferences.

You will be able to gain insight

Into your customers’ purchasing habits which will put you in a unique position to create targeted ad content that the audience will love. These ads will speak to their needs and it will also bring in more users to your profile. There will be more user engagement as they will want to know more details about your product or service. You need to segment the audiences depending on certain criteria so that you can make your ads more relevant. Not everyone in your target audience will be interested in the same products or audiences. Sometimes their buying behaviour will be different. You can also segment the audience according to their location. For example, if you are having a discount or promotion in stores located in one region, you can target the customers in that location only. This will increase the chances of conversions and engagement.

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