Tips For Choosing the Best Pendant Lights

Pendant lights in our living room or any other room for that matter may provide an unexpected touch of style and design. There are so many variations of pendant lights that you are likely to discover one that is suitable to any room of your house.

Use diverse forms, textures, and multi-pendant groupings to greatly improve the décor of your living room and consider how you may work with your existing lighting to get optimal layered lighting, and put into consideration your space and room’s design when choosing your pendant lights. 

Choose a pendant light that best reflect who you are

Since there are hundreds if not thousands of designs for vintage pendant lights Australia made, choose one that best reflects who you are. Don’t be hesitant to choose a pendant light that suits your personality. Make sure the light is suitable for your space, whether you need more downlighting or a more diffuse ambient glow, and then choose a pendant that precisely complements your aesthetic and personal taste.

Choose similar and or complementary pendant lights

When combining many pendant lights, mix it up by choosing similar but not identical fittings for a unique aesthetic. To give your decor an organic impression, use fixtures with similar forms but various colours and mount them at different heights.

Choose an unconventional pendant light

A pendant with unusual features might serve as a focus point in your living area. Downlighting and ambient lighting are both possible with a chandelier with a semi-transparent or glass drum. Place a pendant like this in the centre of your sitting to quickly create a welcoming ambiance.

You could also choose a sculptural pendant for your living area for something truly unique. For light that is softly diffused and free of glares, look for lights with a spiral or tiered shape. This style of pendant begs to be the centre of attention in your room, so match it with subtle recessed lighting for the best effect.

Choose a glamorous pendant light

With a crystal pendant, you can create a magnificent environment in your living area. Don’t be afraid to use a chandelier-like pendant to add drama to your living area. An opulent sense can be achieved by using a fixture with several crystals or glass globes for light reflection that will result to a unique light show when hit by the sun’s ray. For optimal layered lighting, the pendant will allow light to travel in all directions.

Choose a pendant light for task lighting

To create a beautiful reading environment, place a simple globe pendant next a comfortable recliner. Alter the stem to hang the pendant at a table lamp’s height for warm task illumination without glare, and add a dimmer for the right mood.

Pendant lights are a terrific choice for living room lighting since they bring so much flair to a place. When choosing a fixture, think about the room’s overall mood and size. Make sure the pendant or group of small pendant lights is well-designed and offers the appropriate amount of diffuse ambient and task lighting for your needs.

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