Tips for Locating Timber Planter Boxes in a Café

Planter boxes are a great addition to a café as it brings in a touch of greenery and warmth. But you need to know where to best locate them so that you can get the full impact of it. It is very important to consider the overall design of the café before you incorporate planter boxes.

You have to consider

Available space and existing layout of the café when choosing the right planter box to place inside. Think of how staff members and patrons go through the space. You should have a good idea of the traffic flow so that you can select a location for the planter box that doesn’t block any pathways or obstructs the flow of traffic. You can have these placed both indoors and outdoors. Plants don’t do very well when they are exclusively indoors so you can rotate them from outdoors to indoors and back on a schedule to ensure they are getting enough sunlight. You should have a good idea of what kind of plants can survive in these conditions as well. It is generally best to select a low maintenance plant.

One of the ways you can effectively use the planter box is by placing it in the entrance.

This will immediately draw the eye of anybody passing by and it creates an inviting impression. And setting this welcoming tone is very important as it will help draw in more and more customers. You can also use timber planter boxes to define seating areas. These can be in between different seating arrangements so that the customers have a sense of privacy when they are eating. The planter boxes can acts as natural barriers for your cafe allowing you to enclose certain seating arrangements. This can be used to great effect outdoors by dividing each seating area with a linear planter box. This will create a cosy area for a family to enjoy their dinner and this creates private space for the customers as well.

You can use

Planter boxes as focal points in the café so that you can draw the attention of customers to certain areas. For example, you need to locate key points of interest such as a dessert display, a coffee bar or even a decorative element. You can place the planter box there to draw attention even more and establish a flow within the space. Planter boxes can still be used even if you have limited floor space in the café. In this instance, you can use vertical planter boxes or even living walls to create a beautiful element that instantly catches the eye of the customer. You can mount the boxes to the walls or hang them from the ceiling. Having plants hanging from the ceiling can create a beautiful aesthetic inside the café and it can bring a lot of life into the atmosphere. The aesthetic of the café can be perfectly complemented by the planter box by choosing the right design and style for them. Some of the factors you should consider in choosing the boxes are architectural features of the café, existing furniture styles and colour schemes.

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