What to Do about a Broken Window in Your Home

A baseball might have gone through it, or a stray gush of wind might have thrown a tree branch at it. A broken window is nothing to scream about. Sure, it might be a but fussy until it’s back to normal, but it’s relatively easy to remedy the situation. Here is what you should do in case there’s a broken window at your home:

Clear the Area

First of all, you must secure the area where the window was shattered. There could be pieces of glass everywhere that could harm children or pets. Wear a pair of protective gloves and remove the largest pieces of glass. Then, use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the tiny pieces that can be particularly dangerous if stepped on.

Keep the area closed to kids and pets until you remove all the little pieces. Safely discard the broken parts afterwards. Follow the recycling instructions if such is available in your area.

Call a Repair Service

You can technically repair a broken window yourself. However, it’s not recommended unless you have actual experience in doing so. If it’s your first time, now is not the time to experiment. Rather, call a local cheap glass repair Melbourne service to have the window fixed professionally. The pros know how to replace the broken glass safely. In some cases, you may need to redo parts of the windows as well. A mistake can be costly, so always call in the professionals for the best results.

If you are worried about the costs of hiring an outside repair service, here’s a tip: call several services in your area and ask for quotes. Remember, a quote is just an estimate, now what would actually cost you in the end. Therefore, ask probing questions about additional fees and costs for the raw material. You can choose the cheapest service. However, do combine cost with quality, and really pay to get the window fixed properly.

Temporarily Fix the Window

Even the best window repair people won’t show up in your house right away, especially if the weather is bad. Therefore, you will have to temporarily repair the window. Meaning, you need to seal the window to prevent cold air or other elements from getting inside the house. To do so, you will need some duct tape, cardboard, or thin wood panels.

If the broken part is minor you can duct tape the panel to cover the damage. Duct tape is usually good at keeping the elements out. For serious issues, you might have to board up the gaping hole in the window. Use the wood panels and a nail gun (or a hammer) to secure the damaged area. Be careful not to let the nails damage the good parts of the window.

Alternatively, you can use cardboard or newspaper to obscure the hole. Bright yellow tape will indicate to unsuspecting visitors that the window is broken. A temporary fix is just that—temporary. Make sure you get the window fixed without delay, especially if the rainy winters are around the corner.

Don’t panic over a broken window. Try the above suggestion to fix the situation without delay. In any case, try to call the repair service as soon as possible.

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