What To Do When You Have A Faulty Pipe

When a pipe burst in your home  whether it is a small pipe or a big pipe it does not matter, you should make sure that you take the necessary precaution in order to keep your home safe and to prevent making a bad situation worse.

Main Water Supply

When you find that a pipe has burst in your home you should call for professional help. Calling a professional licensed plumber in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne will be beneficial to you. However, it is important that you know what to do until the plumber arrives. Turning off the main water supply is important in order to prevent further damage or further leaks. Therefore getting a blueprint of your home and being aware of where all the essential switches are is important. It will also be beneficial if you were to switch off the fuse box and any other electrical outlets. Once you have switched off the main water supply you should open up the faucets and drain all the remaining cold water out from the system. This will aid in reducing some of the water pressure in the pipes and by opening up the faucets it reduces the chances of the remaining water that is left inside the pipes from freezing. Once you have gotten rid of the cold water you should do the same for the hot water and switch off the water boiler and get rid of all of the hot water in the system as well.

Cleaning Process

Once you have switched off the main water supply and if you know exactly where the leak is occurring from then you should immediately start cleaning that area in order to prevent mildew. You should also clean up the area before anyone slips and falls. Once you have the leak under control you should make sure that there is no leak coming from any other area.

Be Cautious

It can be easy to get excited when faced with a messy situation such as a burst pipe but you need to try and stay as calm and find a solution. If you are not sure what to do then you can even consider researching or reading up online about what to do and what not to do.


Once a pipe has bursts it is best that you make sure it does not happen again a second time around. Therefore in order to take preventive steps to make sure that it does not occur again you first need to understand why the leak or burst occurred. Once you know why it happened you can then come up with a solution on how to prevent it in the future. Therefore it is important that you find a competent plumber who is not only able to fix the problem but also someone who is able to explain to you what you can do in order to take effective preventive methods. You can also consider asking your plumber what to look for and how to spot a faulty pipe before it bursts.

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