Why is Pool Safety Important?

Playing around and swimming on a pool is such a fun activity especially during sunny days. It is a great outdoor activity perfect for both kids and adults as well. Aside from just swimming, there are also other fun things you can do with family or friends in the pool such as playing games, having conversations, or simply relaxing on the poolside.

Though it is a place filled with fun, there are also some dangers just around the corner, waiting for those moments when we forget about the essential safety measures we need in the pool. It could range from slipping on wet floor to drowning. However, even if these are life-threatening situations, it can be prevented with the right countermeasures. Here’s why it is extremely important to enforce pool safety whether it is a backyard pool or a commercial one.

Avoid Drowning

Drowning is one of the common dangers when in a pool. It is more common in kids around 1 to 4 years old but could happen too even on a grown adult. Drowning only takes a few seconds, making it really deadly since some could drown without being noticed for a short time. Aside from swimming lessons and watching over kids while they are swimming, another way to prevent drowning is by placing a fence around the pool.

This is to be sure that no one, especially little kids, can go into the water without being noticed. There are several guidelines when building a pool fence, depending on which state you’re in. Check this out to know more about Victorian swimming pool fence compliance and follow the right guidelines for your pool barrier.

Avoid Other Poolside Injuries

Aside from drowning, there are still other accidents that could happen in the poolside. One of them is slipping. Since the floor around the pool is wet, it is more prone in slipping accidents which could cause injuries if the fall is that hard.

Other accidents can even occur when diving, especially when the water is too shallow or it is not an appropriate site to dive. It may lead to the person hitting the bottom floor of the pool and could be fatal depending on the body part hit. Placing signs around can help remind swimmers that they should be watchful with their actions around the pool.

Avoid Drain Entrapment

Open pool drains can suck in people, especially little kids and trap them in there causing them to drown if unnoticed. Whether it is the clothing or a body part being sucked in, it is really a dangerous situation. Others are lucky enough to survive even having much injuries in the body. However, there are unlucky ones who totally drown when trapped for a longer time. To prevent this, there are specially designed drain guards to keep people from being sucked in and trapped underneath.

Pool safety is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re enjoying in your backyard pool or in a public one, be sure to look out for you and your family’s safety.

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