How Landscaping Increases Curb Appeal

Who wouldn’t want a house that looks beautiful and appealing? While investing in the external appearance of your home obviously increases its aesthetic value, it doesn’t end there. One of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to increase your home’s curb side appeal is through landscaping. You don’t need to spend a lot to have a perfect garden. There are plenty of affordable yet beautiful plants and flowers that are easy to plant and maintain all year round. Turn heads with these easy to remember landscaping tips.

Think About the House

The main focal point of your yard is the house itself so you have to take it into consideration when landscaping. Your garden will depend on your house’s size, shape or paint colour. The distance between your house and the street is also an important factor in landscaping.

To be assured of the perfect landscape for your home, hire a professional landscaping artist to do the job. We are the best landscapers Northern Beaches who definitely transforms a plain yard into a beautiful and welcoming one.  

Work with Plant Groups

People who pass by in front of your house actually appreciate the overall look of your home with the landscape itself. They don’t look at plants individually but rather how they complement each other as a group. Choose bigger plants such as shrubs and bushes near the curb and plant them in rows or clusters for more appeal. You can plant smaller flowers and plants near the walkway or the porch so they can be more appreciated. Make sure that your curb side plants don’t block the view of your house.

Add Accents

If you have plenty of yard space, you can add accents in your garden to make them more stunning. Try placing a bench under a shady part of your yard and plant a few clusters of pretty flowers so it looks like a special spot. You may also try placing other decorations such as mini fountain, classic gnomes or an outdoor gathering area. Medium to huge sized rocks also make a cheap yet stylish accent on a garden.

Choose Complementing Colours

Another important factor to consider when landscaping is how the colours of your house and plants complement each other. No matter how much you spend on your garden, if the colours don’t complement each other, they surely won’t look good together. A blue painted house, for example, looks better with plants and flowers that are yellow, white, violet or pink. You’re lucky if your house has a neutral colour such as white, cream or tan since almost any colour goes well with them.

Consider the Seasons

Gardens surely look great especially in spring. However, most of them lie dormant during the winter which will then make your yard boring and uninviting. Prevent this from happening by choosing perennial flowers or plants that look good amidst the winter such as trees or shrubs.

Once the landscape has been finished, remember to maintain it and take care of the plants well so it will last.

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