How To Make A House Your Own In A Few Simple Steps

Moving into an already decorated house can have many benefits, but can also make it hard for you to feel like it’s home. This is especially true if the house belongs to a partner/spouse, and you have just moved in with them. It’s always a good idea to deal with things that make you feel uncomfortable before it costs you your relationship.

Change The Drapes

It may not feel like the most important thing that you’d like to change, but the significance of it is heavily misunderstood by most. Window drapes control how much light and air floods into your home, and many people have a difference when it comes to the requirement of these. For example, if you’re someone who likes to work wake up late, then having drapes that do nothing to keep the morning sunlight out will be a daily nightmare. While it’s true that you will have to figure out the perfect lighting and airflow to suit your housemate as well, this is not very complicated to do.

Add A Few Personal Decorative Touches

Is a home really a home without a few personal decorative touches that you can call your own? We don’t think so either! Look for wall and floor decorations that “speak” to you, something that brings your colors into your new home. If you have the time and talent for it, you can even try making a few decorations. Crochet projects, string art, paintings¾anything works! simple let your creativity flow and catch the results.

Replace With Furniture That Suits You 

Furniture can be pretty tricky to settle into, especially if it is “intimate” furniture like a bed or “professional” furniture like an office desk/chair. More often than not, it is best for you to replace said items, rather than trying to settle into furniture that simply was not meant for you. It is also important to replace furniture meant for a single person, like a wardrobe, so all your things have a home. Visit furniture stores Brisbane for the ideal piece that suits your requirements.

Add A Few Of Your Personal Memories To The New House

Our happy memories keep us going in our tough days, and they help to bridge the distance between us and loved ones. Some of these memories hold tangible forms, be that it is photographs or other mementos. Bringing some of your memories into your new house is not only necessary for settling in, but also imperative to help you feel like this house is now your home.

Put Up A Few Joint Memories

While the above tips may have helped you settle better into a pre-decorated house, this tip is exclusive if you’re moving in with someone. Like we mentioned above, don’t forget to lay out some of your memories around the house; but this time, make sure it includes the two of you. If you don’t have so many mementos, start collecting them from this day forward!

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