Things To Check Before Giving A House On Rent

As a landlord, the time a renter is moving out of your property can be a little nerve-wracking. More often than not, you’ll be expected to be returning the security deposit money; which you need to have ready at the time. To ensure you can give them their money back, it’s vital to check if the renters have fulfilled their part of the renter’s agreement. It’s also best to hand them over a move out check list when they mention to you of their plans to move out. This list should have things like “removing all personal belongings” and “getting the house professionally cleaned prior to moving”; and by checking this list, you’ll find it easier to decide if you’re going to give back the security deposit, or keep it to cover your damages. Here are a few more things to check during said examination.  

The General Wear And Tear Of Your Property

Once the property has been cleaned out, the wear and tear of the house will be more apparent to both you and your tenants. Of course, there’s going to be some damage; after all, they were living in the house. However, if the damage is extensive (broken doors, damaged walls for example), you can withhold the security deposit for the coverage fee or pay back only part of said deposit. You can check the extent of the wear and tear of your property during the pre handover inspection.

The Number Of Repairs You’ll Need To See To Once They Move Out

A property owner is a businessman, and any businessman would be looking to his next project even before the current one concludes. This means you’ll be starting to hunt for your home’s next tenant even before the current ones move out. However, it’s obvious that you’ll have to get the property updated and repaired before that. Use this moment of examining the house to note down all the repairs you’ll have to see to, so that you can get started on it post haste.

The Cleanliness Of The Property In General

The cleanliness of a property does not mean just clean floors and walls. The house being completely insect and rodent free is also a sign of a clean house. If you feel your current tenants didn’t do a good job on this part, ask them to contact pest control before they leave; or let them know you’ll charge them for it when you get it done. It’s also best to call in a building inspector Windsor in case you feel your inspection will not be thorough enough.

The Returning Of All Keys Except One 

In general, renters prefer having multiple keys to their home for easier access. Providing this for your renters isn’t an issue, but it can be a potential threat to the safety of your home when they move out and those keys have been left neglected. To avoid any situations as such in the future, ask your renters to handover any extra keys on the day of the inspection; keeping only a single key with them. If you (or they) happen to install an electronic lock, make sure you have all the key codes for them as well.

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